Nobody likes to be locked out of their own home but if the unfortunate happens, getting back in is just a phone call away, which could mean calling your local locksmith or whoever has the spare to your home, or you can prepare yourself by picking up the lock picking skill with Lockpick School in a Box. But if you do ever master the skill, don’t ever be drawn by the dark side to do anything other than picking your own property’s locks. We are serious and so is B & E which sometimes may constitutes to a felony and you don’t want that to be upon you. Think you get the idea. Anywho, Lockpick School in a Box is a learning tool specifically crafted to assist you in developing the skills needed to master pin-tumbler lock picking. The set consists of a mockup part of a door or sort that has a cutout to accept one of five lock cylinders provided.

Lockpick School in a Box

The section of the door is made out of wood and also serves as a resting place for the five lock cylinders. Lockpick School in a Box is touted as a “progressive learning system” and hence the provided locks are offered in varying difficult, starting with a simple single pin set and ending with one with full number of pin sets. Also included are then necessary tools, including four picks, a tension tool and a key for, you know, when you are outwitted by the lock. Like all good learning materials, it also comes with an instructional manual, aptly titled “Easy Pickings” (note: not a pickpocket how-to guide). Though we read that the manual is not quite up to the task, but that shouldn’t be a biggie cos’ instruction of such nature is in abundance on the Internet. Lockpick School in a Box is available from Maker Shed for $99.99.

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Lockpick School in a Box

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