Here’s an interesting gadget for those who long to unleash their creativity at home. It is called Cricut Joy. Cricut Joy is a desktop smart cutting machine that lets you cut custom graphics/designs for use in a variety applications.

You can create custom decals for your smartphone case, make cutout for greeting cards, create custom graphics for t-shirts and many other objects.

Cricut Joy Desktop Smart Cutting Machine

The precision blade is able to cut through many types of material, from vinyl to iron-on to peel-and-stick label paper, and in any shape you desire.

If that’s not enough, Cricut Joy does scribing too, so you can create unique labels, inscribe custom cards, or pen monogram.

With a ton of read-to-use designs and fonts, you don’t even need to be creative to get started. Though it is worthy to note that more designs are yours to access if you pay for a monthly sub.

Cricut Joy Desktop Smart Cutting Machine

What really impress us is, it can even cut up to 20 feet at one time using the new Smart Materials which is available in vinyl and iron-on. And you know what that means. That means, this little guy is good for home decorations too, and of course, making iron-on graphics for the jersey of your entire weekend baseball team.

You can learn more about this awesome hobbyist gadget HERE, or if you desire, you can pick up Cricut Joy at for $179.99.

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Images: Cricut.

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