What has a toy group known as action figure got to do with a now archaic MP3 players? Nothing, but that’s until iBoy by Classicbot comes along. iBoy is a digital music player action figure. Yep. That’s absolutely a thing now.

Classicbot iBoy Retro Action Figure

iBoy by Classicbot is not just any MP3 player, btw; it is a homage to Apple’s iconic digital music player that started it all. Basically, it is a replica of the original iPod with limbs and a face (the screen), which kind of makes it an iPod ‘bot.

The music player is, of course, non-functional, but replica buttons are all clickable, making it a suitable for fidgeting.

It does not have ball or hinge joints like an action figure, though. Instead, the limbs and the antennae/headphone thingy magnetically attaches to the main body/torso and that afford it with posability. Unfortunately, spread is out of question.

Beyond an action figure, this little guy has all the details of the music player started the digital music revolution. It has polished chrome metal back, the monochrome display, the rotating jog dial surrounded by the four main buttons, and the requisite ports.

As an extra touch of fun, the life-like headphone can be detached and “hooked” up to a “cable”, turning this little guy into a classic iPod for display.

Now, for the good news. Classicbot iBoy Retro Action Figure is on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for 280 Hong Kong dollars (about U$37).

Classicbot iBoy Retro Action Figure

Images: Classicbot.

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Source: Yanko Design.

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