We have a seen quite a handful of pool floats, but the Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float here takes the cake when it comes to provocativeness. The name Golden Boy isn’t immediately obvious, but it is, as you can see in the images, a pool float shape in the likeness of man’s manhood. It is definitely a pool float for those who aren’t afraid to show their love their for this lovely sexual reproduction organ. As with all pool floats, it has to be blown, like quite literally. And when you does so, it will grown to an impressive, humanly impossible 79 inches (2 meters) long.

Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float

It touts an extra thick construction and if inflated correctly, it should be able to keep you and some willing friends afloat with much obscenity. While it is novel, loud and provocative and amusing, it is best used in your private pool because, Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float is no doubt an offensive attention-getter and for that, I am pretty darn sure not everyone shares the same level of enthusiasm. It is hands down the most provocative pool float, ever. Hmmm, why do I have a feeling that this particular float will feel just right at home at the majestic pool at the Playboy Mansion?

Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float

But really, the best part about this product is not the product itself; it is the how its maker, Gold Bae, describe it to be it, including “trusted quality made extra thick,” “specially designed for you to sit on,” “proven performance, will withstand multiple rides,” and “blow with care, might pop if you go too hard” (and they had to put the valve at the tip! LoL!). Talk about sexual innuendo, Gold Bae absolutely hit the nail on the head!

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If you are not shy in declaring your love for man’s manhood, or just love the idea of being provocative, then you will be glad that Golden Boy is something money can buy. All it asks is 59 bucks in return. I am 100 percent sure Goldmember will be down for one.

Images: Gold Bae.

Source: Dude.

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