I hail from a country where censorship lords over us, though I must admit that our censorship board has since cut films some slack with a little less snipping and more wiser in the ratings. Censorship is a pain in the ass, but it won’t hurt us, the consumers, as much as it would with filmmakers who would naturally prefer their work of art to be viewed untouched. Charlie Lyne, a London filmmaker and critic, is one such filmmakers who have had enough with British Board of Film Certification. He took things into his own hands by submitting a crowdfunded film of paint drying.

Paint Drying Film by Charlie Lyne
The film was recorded in 4K, so at least the censors had an eye-watering experience of drying paint.

Yup. Literally, a film that has no other scenes other than a brick wall being painted white and left to be dried. Can you imagine yourself watching it for like 607 minutes (which is the length of the film)? Of course nobody will. We would have switched it off, but according to Charlie, skipping the film is not an option for the censors over at BBFC; come what may, they will have to endure the entire paint drying process. You may be asking, “why a 607 minutes film?” Well, the reason being, to get the film to be certified, it would require 101.70 quids and 7.09 quids per minute of the film, and the amount which it pulls, which was a decent £5,963, allows Chris to make a 607 minutes and that’s a good 10 hours and 7 minutes, if you haven’t been counting. Charlie explains why he did what he did:

“About a year ago, I went to a filmmaker open day held by the BBFC at their offices in Soho. I’d expected to see quite a lot of conflict between the BBFC examiners and the visiting filmmakers whose work was at the mercy of the board, but there was nothing like that. Most of the filmmakers — even those who’d had trouble with the BBFC in the past — seemed totally resigned to the censorship imposed by the board, even supportive of it. I think that shocked me into action.”

So, I guess you could say Charlie’s feat could be the biggest and best troll in Internet history thus far.

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