Tupperware TuppSoho Pop-up Store

Tupperware party is still somewhat a thing. However, the TuppSoho is not a fancy name for a Tupperware party. In fact, it is not a party at all. It is a limited time, pop-up store – the first pop-up location in its 70+ years of existence.

It is probably a step in the right direction because, a party alone is not enough to get the products moving anymore. However, hands-on product demonstrations that gets visitors to roll up their sleeves and Instagrammable installations might.

Expect to find loads of Tupperware products, both iconic and new innovative stuff. Here’s what to expect when you hit up the TuppSoho pop-up store:

• Award-winning and time honored classics that keep your food fresh and organize your kitchen.
• Innovative solutions that make prepping, cooking, entertaining and organizing simpler and quicker than ever. From products like the FridgeSmart® container designed to lock in nutrients and extend the life of fruits and vegetables, to the MicroPro® Grill that allows a less-stress, less-mess grill experience in the microwave.
• Gifts that serve a purpose to reduce waste on our environment with designs meant to reduce single-use plastic and food waste at every turn.
• Interactive food and product demonstrations from the Tupperware culinary team with hacks and recipes meant to save you time and money.

TuppSoho is now open at 227 Mulberry Street in New York City through December 22, 2019. It opens from 10:30AM-7.00PM Monday to Wednesday, and 10AM-8PM Thursday to Saturday, and 11AM-7PM on Sunday. You can learn more about TuppSoho over at its dedicated website HERE. Yes. It has a dedicated website.

Tupperware TuppSoho Pop-up Store

Images: Tupperware.