we all have been through it: you get all comfy on the bed, mucking around with your smartphone or whatever and then the sleepy bugs suddenly hits you, but there is the light to switch off. duh. what a bummer? not if you have the LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb installed in your existing lightings – you can simply turn it off, wirelessly with your smartphone. of course, the idea of wireless or Bluetooth bulb isn’t new, in fact there are already a handful of them in the market, including the LuMini’s larger sibling, the original Lumen. so what makes the LuMini stands out? well, that would be the size. it is smaller, about 20% smaller than a standard LED light bulb, that allows it to fit into more types of lightings, including table lamps.

conceived as a fit-almost-any-lighting bulb, the LuMini is more like a mood light and features a set of white LED cramped within in addition to the usual RGB LEDs, enabling you to achieve millions of color combination, as well as getting the good old warm white. aesthetically (though, you probably won’t see it often under the shades and all), it is prettier than its larger counterpart, sporting a heat conductive ceramic to help dissipate the heat (and thus prolonging the lifespan of the bulb), instead of the less eye-pleasing (read: ugly) heat sink. available in both E12 and E26 (E14/E27 for EU) sockets, the LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb is currently on Kickstarter seeking financial backing to roll it off the production line.

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if you like to see the project turning into reality, all you have to do is back the folks up. prices start at $25 for early adopters and if all goes well i.e. the project hits the funding goal, you can expect delivery sometime in April this year, but you know, that’s a huge IF. learn more about the LuMini in the pitch video below.

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