t’Light E Desk Lamps

t'Light E Desk Lamps
t’Light E Desk Lamps | from US$99.00 | www.tlight.cc

unless you don’t charge your iDevices on your desk or you have an immensely huge mahogany desk, you probably wish you have some like the t’Light E Desk Lamps. offered in two flavors, E1 and E2, each sporting dimmable 5W LEDs and an Apple-approved USB charging port, discreetly tucked away into the side of its base. these latest duo from M&C Lighting, t’Light E’s maker, does without a dock this time round which is probably a clever decision cos’ the lone USB port, though is certified MFI, it is also compatible with most USB powered devices which means it could be use to charge up other make of smartphones and tablets too. other features include a contemporary metal-alloy construction, long life LED with over 50,000 hours of lifespan, minimum 250 lumens of brightness, dimmable down to 1% up to 100% and anything in between and the USB port pumps out 2.1A of current. the t’Light E Desk Lamps are available now priced at $99 and $119 for the E2 and E1 model, respectively and those prices are inclusive of shipping, thus making them quite a bargain actually. well, if you consider how heavy these things could be. take a few more look after the break.

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