FRENDS Headphones for Ladies

FRENDS Taylor Headphone Gold-White
FRENDS Headphones for Ladies | about US$99.00 |

let us let you in a secret: there isn’t a pair of headphones (buds included) that’s design with the duchess of our lives. shocking indeed but that was until FRENDS began touching base with the fairer sex and came out with a series of audio cans and buds for them. and this collection is not skin deep, mind you. FRENDS took the pain to think what a woman wants in a pair of headphones and went to extend in considering what irks them most when it comes to headphone. crafted using materials that are normally reserved for luxury goods, FRENDS employed jewelry-making techniques to craft these headphones, making them both functional and beautiful at the same time. each pair is sized to fit women’s profile and features headbands that adjust internally so that it won’t my fair lady’s beautiful locks, foldable into a compact size to fit into an evening clutch, stain resistant and resilient leather elements to without sharing a space in the handbag with ladies’ makeup and stuff, woven cords crafted from durable fabric drape to resist tangling and last but not least, each pair is fitted with custom-tuned drivers to deliver sound that “rivals the very best in the market.” the FRENDS Headphones of Ladies collection comprises of three styles: Ella, Layla, and Taylor. the latter two are headphones that are primarily made from metal and leather to suit contemporary woman. as for Ella, it is a pair of earbuds that reminiscences of earring. available in three very lady-like colorways: gold/white, rose gold/white and silver/black with prices ranging from $99 to $199 a pair.

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