according to Motorola, on average a person unlocks his/her smartphone thirty-nine times a day. based to our rough calculation, this means we would each spend about 156 seconds or 2.6 minutes each day unlocking our phones. that doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of time, doesn’t it? however, time is not the main issue here – the issue here is the hassle of hitting the power and keying the security code or pattern, if you have one. honestly, we didn’t think this unlocking routine is a biggie for us, but if you do, Motorola has just the perfect solution to your “woe” and that solution is a little accessory called Motorola Skip for Moto X. this thumb-sized clip pairs with your Moto X and unlocks it with just a simple tap. it can worn on your shirt’s sleeve, shirt’s hem, belt loop or wherever that most convenient for you and your phone.

this $19.99 accessory consists of the aforementioned clip (i.e. the Skip), along with three adhesive-based Skip dots that does the same thing as the Skip. these dots act as “supplements” to the Skip clip and can be placed (or stick) in your trusted zones where you will likely to unlock the phone often. say for example, at the bedside table where you can then place your Moto X on the Skip dot and do the “Ok, Google Now” thing (to set the alarm or whatever) without having to lift the handset up to unlock it. initially, we thought it was pretty lame, but then we when really think about, the Skip is really a convenience more than to eliminate the “hassle”. obviously, the Skip is designed with security in mind and therefore only the set that’s paired with your handset will unlock it and no other. the process is reversible; meaning you can un-pair it if you lose your Skip and if you don’t have the Skip with you, unlocking with security code or pattern (or whatever security you have set) is still possible.

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for now, the Motorola Skip for Moto X will be available in gray with black accent, but more colors will be added by Fall this year. the Motorola Skip for Moto X is reportedly available now, but when we try to access the said page, we did not find it anywhere – or it could be because we are accessing it outside of US? we can’t be sure about that.

Motorola Skip for Moto X

Motorola via Android Central

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