we are not sure how many of you like to take a dump or piss without turning on the bathroom light. if you do, then you might want to check out the Night GLOW Toilet Seat. it will, as the product name implies, add some subtle glow to your throne in the dark, so you won’t miss-sit and end up on the floor, or trip on the toilet. it may sound pretty ridiculous but glow-in-dark toilet seat does exist, which might just be a fun thing to have, or you could just turn the light on. your choice. the Night GLOW Toilet Seats can glow up to over 8 hours, but it is also dependent on how long it was exposed to a light source and what type of the light source. obviously, if it is exposed to brighter light for a longer period of time, the glow is going to last you quite a bit.

available in two glow colors: green and blue, and in two styles, the 200 round and the 600 elongated. if the image is of any indication, the glow from your throne should light up your bathroom and according to one testimony (if you believe in such things), a dude had it installed for three weeks and saw saving in his household energy bill. when not glowing, the toilet seat appears white-ish which should match up with most toilet’s color and is constructed with high-quality integrally-molded, sanitary bumpers and can be cleaned using regular household cleaners and strong chemicals. so basically, it is a regular seat in the day, but a nightlight for your bathroom in the night (sort of). regardless how you look at it, one thing for sure is, it will come in handy the next time you are hit with power outages and need to use the bathroom.

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the Night GLOW Toilet Seat can be yours for $50 a pop. well, what can we say? dropping the kids off at the pool has never been this radiating.

Night GLOW Toilet Seat

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