Look. I don’t want to be a fanboy (or fan uncle?) and shed tears of emotional joy that someone has made a “real-life” lightsaber. But I can’t help but to be a teeny weeny elated. Just a little…

4000 Degrees Plasma Lightsaber by The Hacksmith

The someone is YouTube channel The Hacksmith and the real-world lightsaber is actually a 4000 degrees plasma torch/thermal lance, but a lot cooler.

Lets get real. Technology that packs the power of nuclear reactor into a handy hilt does not exist yet and therefore, this so-called 4000 Degrees Plasma Lightsaber by The Hacksmith is the closest anyone can get to a real lightsaber seen in the movie.

Aesthetically, it looks like the laser sword seen in Star Wars movies, especially when the “blade” extends and retracts. However, the functionality is really more like a plasma torch.

4000 Degrees Plasma Lightsaber by The Hacksmith

There is no solid laser blade to speak of and thus, cutting is more like, well, burning through things. This also means no spectacular lightsaber fights. And no, it has no Kyber crystals and no Diatium power battery in it.

But damn, I am totally digging the steampunk aesthetic. Also it has a backpack to power it because, it needed the gas.

It may not be a real lightsaber, but you have to give it to the team for the ingenuity and how they have thought of using the principle of laminar flow to achieve the effect. Kudos. Here, have a look at the 4000 Degrees Plasma Lightsaber in action:

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Images: YouTube (The Hacksmith).

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