Rémy Martin claimed to be the first beverage alcohol brand to bring to the market a connected bottle, but apparently, it is not. It looks like Diageo has beaten to it as far back as February with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label “smart bottle.” Anyway, what the Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle, as it is called, does is pretty much the same as Diageo’s, which means it can do things like proving the authenticity of the product, detect if it has been opened or has been resealed, and of course, connects the brand with the consumer. The latter leaves little to our imagination as to what this connection can and will do for the business in terms of marketing.

Like Diageo’s, Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle integrates a tamper-proof NFC tag into the bottle’s capsule and the entire “experience” can be accessed using a dedicated smartphone app, developed in conjunction with Secure Internet of Things solution provider, Selinko. Rémy Martin said the high-security chip, which has the same level of security as found in passports or bankcards, works in harmony with an asymmetric encryption to detect the opening of the bottle and will remain active thereafter. For how long, it is not known.

Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle

Novel, it probably is, but to us, it is hardly exciting. We view it as another avenue for brands to extract consumer behaviors and habits with regards to drinking, as Rémy Martin Executive Director, Augustin Depardon, explains: “Not only does the RÉMY MARTIN CLUB CONNECTED BOTTLE guarantee the authenticity of the product, but it also allows us to communicate directly with our consumers who enjoy our products which is a very exciting innovation. Rewards, events, special offers: our communication can now be completely aligned with our clients’ preferences for optimal relevancy.

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In addition, consumer will also be eligible to “earn points” under the Rémy Martin engagement program when tapping the bottle again. However, looking at Rémy Martin’s choice of country for the launch, which is China, btw, it is no doubt the technology is also taking a stab at a pressing issue in the growing economy and that is to help consumers authenticate the bottle’s genuine provenance. Also, the ability to detect whether the bottle is sealed, or has been resealed, will help to deter tampering of the content which could be prevalent in certain locality.

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle will first be available at nightclubs in China and subsequently else where, though no specifics were provided.

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  1. Dear Mike,

    We absolutely do not want to claim to be the first brand to have come up with the NFC solution – but we are the first to offer the high-security variant of NFC technology, along with opening detection, to the consumer. Sorry if our announcement created confusion.
    We want to stress that we fully respect the privacy of our users and we intend to keep an intelligent and non-intrusive approach based on our consumers’ preferences. Inscription to the Rémy Martin loyalty program provides an added value, but it is not necessary for the application’s authentication functionality.
    If you have questions or suggestions do not hesitate to reach out.


    Arjan Ackerman
    Digital Manager Rémy Martin

    1. Glad that you took the time to clear the air, Arjan. Appreciate it 101%. Yea. It is true that the PR text is a little on the confusing end, which competitions will think like us and start assuming Rémy Martin is taking the flag for the first. We understand where you are coming from and I am sure your comment here will serve as additional information in which our readers could use.

      As for the privacy issue, we have no doubt big brand names like Rémy Martin (we have a few bottles of Rémy sitting around here, btw 🙂 respect consumers privacy. I am certainly not-anti marketing (I shouldn’t speak ill of the major I love so much, should I?) or anything like that, but I can’t help but to think this technology can provide marketing folks an insight of consumers consumption habits which could be helpful for future marketing and product development efforts. Of course, that’s only if consumers are willing party.


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