Homemade Robot That Serves Soup by Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz makes robots which are mostly quirky and pretty much useless. What she makes is like the western version of the 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions. Despite so, she is a heroine to us. From between the face slapping alarm clock we last featured here and today, she has created a lot more other weird robotic contraptions – all of which are homemade, of course, and the homemade soup-serving robot you see here is her newest endeavor. As expected, this robot is every bit of the weird and also expectedly, hilarity ensues when the robot starts doing its thing.

As the video title, I made a robot that serves me soup, suggests, this latest tin can a robotic arm of sort that is designed to feed her with soup when she is preoccupied with some other tasks. As you might have imagined, it did not turn as envisioned. The concept was sound, but the execution there was, how do you say? Off? Yeah. Something like that. Then again, that’s not the point of this robot. You see, Simone here is, by the request of Google Home team, to develop something which can leverage on the power Google Home. And she did.

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Now, if you have a distaste for sponsored posts or videos, well, you have to bear with her because, while it is true that she did earn money from the video, but she won’t be keeping them. Simone will be donating every single cent earned from this video, whether it is from the advertisement or from the Google sponsorship, to the Puerto Rico disaster relief effort. So, kudos to her for doing that. Anyways, you can watch the entire proceeding in the embedded video below.

And oh, try not to laugh out too loudly.

Image: Simone Giertz.