Hoonigan x MOMO Hoonicorn Steering Wheel

A steering wheel will not makes your car go faster, but it will greatly improve the handling comfort and offer your car’s cabin a boost in the looks department. That being said, installing a Hoonigan x MOMO Hoonicorn Steering Wheel into your ride will most definitely not help you conquer the Pikes Peak like Ken Block did, but that does not makes us not want one. This extremely limited edition steering wheel born out of the collaboration between rally racing team Hoonigan and Italian automotive accessories maker MOMO Srl is similar to that used in Ken Block’s 1,400HP Hoonicorn RTR Mustang V2 when he took on the legendary Pikes Peak.

Handmade by Italian artisans, the Hoonigan x MOMO Hoonicorn Steering Wheel is based off the MOMO MOD Drift which means it shares the same 330 mm diameter size and suede grip, but decorated with custom stitched pattern (very hypnotizing pattern, if I may add) and instead of yellow leather markers, it gets a lone grey leather marker on the top to provide quick reference guides. Additionally, the spokes are also covered with Hoonigan branding and finally wrapping up the limited edition package is a Hoonigan horn push.

Only 50 units are made available and so, if you want one, you’d be quick. Speaking of which, according to our source, this $300 limited edition steering wheel is “available now online,” but we can’t find it online. Seriously, it can be sold out that fast, right? I don’t know. If you are really keen, perhaps you may want to touch base with your local MOMO dealer.

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Image: MOMO Srl.

via BallerStatus.