Not knowing how business associates look is a norm today because half of everyone’s face is covered by a face mask. So how do you let the other party know how you look under the mask? Well, you could have your portrait printed on a business card, or you could up the ante by having an image of the bottom half of your face on the card and let your business partner match it to your mask-wearing face:

Smile Meishi Business Card by Nagaya Printing Co

Yes. It may sound rather superfluous, but I have no doubt that it is a conversation starter and a thing that will set a deep impression on your clients/business partners. More importantly, this novel business card design known as Smile Meishi (スマイル名刺) has gotten its creator, Nagaya Printing Co., Ltd., the media buzz.

The more-than-a-century old Japanese company had created quite a buzz last year with its business card on a face mask, but that was just the start. And to be honest, having something printed on a face mask is not quite a conversation starter like this.

Smile Meishi Business Card by Nagaya Printing Co

Now, the best part is, the Smile Meishi business card is a thing money can buy. Well, at least, it is in Japan. It is available from a dedicated website where it can be ordered for 1,320 yen for 20 pieces (about US$12).

Smile Meishi Business Card by Nagaya Printing Co

All images courtesy of Nagaya Printing Co., Ltd. [JP].

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