Arper Kata Chair by Altherr Désile Park

This is Kata designed by Altherr Désile Park, the first solid wood lounge chair from Arper. It is a prove that designer chairs can be sustainable too. Unlike some products, sustainability is not an afterthought with Kata; it is a core impetus of the design itself.

Arper Kata Chair by Altherr Désile Park

In addition, the designer also employs 3D knit technology that is formed to fit the frame, thus eliminating the leftover material waste commonly found in the traditional manufacturing processes. Minimize waste is part of sustainability which is often overlooked.

As for the design, the Kata lounge chair is the perfect matrimony between traditional craftsmanship and soft technology, combining an oak and black locust FSC certified wooden frame with a tailor-made 3D knit textile (which affords it the aforementioned waste elimination).

Meanwhile, recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic is converted into durable and lightweight fibers to create the knit cover. About a kilogram (2.2 lbs) of plastic waste, equating to about 48 half PET bottles, is used to produce a kilogram of yarn.

Arper said that this only not reduces the amount of plastic waste heading to the landfills, but the process also used very much less energy than it would to produce virgin polyester. Though exactly how much energy is saved, is unclear. But hey, it results in less plastic waste in the landfills, we are all for it. Energy-saving is a bonus, IMHO.

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Sustainability aside, the Kata lounge chair is an absolute looker. Kata, for those who may be interested, is available now. You can learn more about this awesome chair and inquire about the purchase HERE.

All images courtesy of Arper.