Many countries have accepted that COVID-19 is part of their lives and many places have removed the need for a face mask, but I still wear one whenever I am in a crowd. You see, it’s an obsession of mine after watching the Schlieren Imaging on how droplets travel. I was alarmed that we have been “consuming” each other, strangers included, fluid this whole time. Ewww…

Airinum Air Mask Antiviral Face Mask

In fact, a face mask is part of my life for years before the pandemic. I have been wearing a mask whenever I was not feeling well. I think it is a responsible thing to do. Forget about rights and put responsibility first. Anyhoo, whether you are still concerned about the tridemic (COVID, RSV, and the flu virus), or just want to keep your nose out of pollution and allergens when traveling, there is a new premium called Airinum Air Mask Active.

Designed to be comfortable and breathable even when worn during intense physical activity in a polluted environment, the Airinum Air Mask Active boasts a large exhalation valve to maximum airflow, Polygiene ViralOff Technology that resists microbes, bacteria, or fungi, UPF 50 UV protection, adjustable band and ergonomic build for a secure fit, and moisture-wicking material that evaporates sweat as you go.

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Airinum Air Mask Antiviral Face Mask

If you hit the gym regularly, you’d want to know that, according to a study from the University of Colorado Boulder, an exercising person can emit as many chemicals from their body as up to five sedentary people. So, even if there isn’t a pandemic, it would be wise to mask out in an enclosed area like a gym.

Anyhoo, this top-of-the-line premium mask was designed and tested at a research and development facility in Sweden. But it being top-of-the-line, the Airinum Air Mask Active is naturally not cheap. It will run you back at a cool US$149.

However, if you don’t need a mask for working out, there are the Urban Air Mask and the Air Mask Lite that are lighter on your wallet. They go for US$79 and US$49, respectively.

Not so fun fact: According to WHO, there have been 750+ million confirmed cases of COVID-19, and nearly 7 million confirmed deaths.

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