Have you ever wondered what a VR headset would look like if it was a thing in the 90s? Well, wonder no more because it will probably look like the Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System you see here. Or maybe not. I don’t care because this concept design is retro-licious and absolutely stunning!

Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System VR Headset

Designed by a freelance CGI artist based in Demark, Moonshake3D (@moonshake3d), and created in Blender (and so, yeah, is not real), the Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System is an entrancing, godamn-I-want-one VR headset that leverages Raspberry Pi to offer three-dimensional “stereo-emmersive” 64-bit video gaming.

Moonshake3D did not offer any details beyond the few images the designer has shared on Instagram and Reddit. However, according to a report, he mentioned he found his inspiration from movie props and technology in the 80s and 90s. Though not explicitly said, we all know that the use of wood is probably a nod to the video console of the 80s/90s and that a see-through design was also a thing during those years.

Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System VR Headset

Speaking of see-through, props for the details of the Raspberry Pi, including the not-so-organized cables you’d expect from a 90s gadget. Come to think of it, there’s nothing retro about Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System; if anything, I think it is retro-futuristic. You know, it is the kind of headset you see in perhaps the original Lost In Space, or Star Trek. You get the idea…

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Anyhoo, I was absolutely smitten by the design and I am super impressed with the Blender rendering. It is so hyperrealistic that you’d be forgiven to think Moonshake3D has actually created a physical prototype. Seriously, just have a look at the fabric on the headband. That’s some next level of 3D creation.

Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System VR Headset

The entire Moonshake Stereoscopic Display System was created on Blender, save for the branding on the headband which was created using Adobe SP.

Images: Reddit (u/moonshake3d).

via designboom.

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