It has been nearly three years since COVID-19 hits and a little under three years since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. And it ain’t over still. Ugh. However, life still has to go on. The key is to limit the spread while we are going about our regular routines. One of the ways is to get yourself tested with an ART kit before attending an event. But ART isn’t all that fast and convenient to do if, say, you are already outside. This is where ViraWarn aims to resolve.

ViraWarn Electronic On-The-Go COVID-19 Tester

Developed by  Baltimore, MD-based tech company Opteev Technologies, ViraWarn is an electronic on-the-go COVID-19 and RSV tester that will yield a result in under 60 seconds. That is not only significantly faster than ART but because it is in the form of a breath analyzer, users can be tested anytime, anywhere. Opteev Technologies said that ViraWarn is able to detect COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV. It is a multiple-use device and is rechargeable. Here’s how it works:

“ViraWarn uses a silk-based biosensor that attracts the electrical discharge of respiratory viruses coupled with an artificial intelligence processor to filter out any potential inaccuracies.  Extremely user-friendly, users simply turn it on, blow twice into the mouthpiece, and an LED notification light will indicate a positive or negative result in under 60 seconds.”

ViraWarn Electronic On-The-Go COVID-19 Tester

The device comes with multiple biosensor replacement cartridges that only require replacing after a positive result or after a period of 2-3 weeks of daily use.

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ViraWarn Electronic On-The-Go COVID-19 & RSV Tester has been submitted to the U.S. FDA this past summer and has yet to receive approval. It will hit the market once it has been approved. Meanwhile, you can learn more over at the product page where you can also sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

Opteev Technologies has also taken ViraWarn to this year’s CES where you press can get “hands-on” with the device. You can find Opteev Technologies at Booth #8317 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 05-08, 2023.

All images courtesy of Opteev Technologies.

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