LEGO enthusiast Marco Marozzi has created this wonderful PNG5 Supreme Mech. I know right. If this is an official set, it might very well become the most expensive LEGO mech set for the given number pieces.

LEGO MOC PNG5 Supreme Mech Marco Marozzi

However, nothing is known about this brilliant creation. One thing for sure is, Marco Marozzi has a huge thing for mechs. Also, it is safe to assume that Supreme fans will be clamoring for one as much as any mech fan would.

Supreme-theme asides, Marco Marozzi is an absolute talent when it comes to creating LEGO-based mechs. At a glance, you probably can’t tell they are LEGO creations. Speaking of which… you can ogle over at some of his LEGO mech creations over at his Flickr page. Seriously, go check it out.

Images: Flickr (Marco Marozzi).

Hat tip: BrickVault.

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