Eggo House of Pancakes Rental House: If Eleven Is Non-fiction, She Will Be All Over It!

Do you know what day was yesterday (February 28, 2024)? Well, it was National Pancake Day (yep, it is a thing). To celebrate this “holiday”, the brand best known for waffles, Eggo aka Eleven’s favorite snack, has introduced a novel vacation experience, the Eggo House of Pancakes in Gatlinburg, TN.

Meet The New Cake Bukk, A Highly Customizable Electric Dirt Bike

If you like tearing down the dirt road in the backcountry, you probably want to do it emission-free. If you dig that, Sweden-based electric bike company Cake has just the ride for you. Announced in recent months is the new Bukk platform, a highly customizable version of the Limited Edition Bukk electric off-road performance motorcycle …

Cake Åik Pedal-assist Electric Bicycle Is A Beautiful Two-wheel Workhorse

If you are in the market for a good-looking utility bicycle to help you in hauling stuff, Swedish electric bike maker, Cake, has a new e-bike for your consideration. The Cake Åik (pronounced as “oy” like in Oyster), as it is called, is a beautiful pedal-assist bike that will relieve your leg of the agony …

The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE. It’s The Makka, But In Polestar Snow And Has Öhlins Rear Shock

If you drive a Polestar, this is the last mile transportation you want in the trunk of your Polestar EV: The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE. As the product name suggests, The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE is based on CAKE’s new Makka electric moped.

Believe It Or Not, This Realistic Mutant Toad Sculpture Is An Edible Cake

From the stunningly detailed Gamera Cake and KFC Bucket Meal cake to Hercules Beetle Grub cake and Bloody Beating Heart cake to Shag Rug cake, there’s no shortage of wonderful, weird and outright grotesque cakes in the world. Recently, a realistic Mutant Toad Cake joined this weird and wonderful world of custom cake creations.