Polaroid Lab Smartphone Photo Printer

You probably have tens of thousands of photos in your smartphone, but lets be honest here. When was the last time you actually look at them? Hardly. Ever. That said, wouldn’t it be nice to relive those memories at a glance, as opposed to tapping and swiping? Well, that’s where Polaroid Lab.

Yes. Polaroid Lab is a smartphone photo printer. Mind you, though. It is not just any photo printer. It takes photos from your smartphone and transforms them into tangible photos, Polaroid style.

Polaroid Lab Smartphone Photo Printer

All you have to do is nominate an image in the Polaroid Originals app, place the phone facing downward on the device, and hit the big red button, and voila! a tangible version of the photo, bearing the familiar and nostalgic Polaroid signature look (thanks to the unique Polaroid chemistry), magically manifest right before your eyes.

Not only you can start amassing a collection of Polaroid style photos without actually taking photos with a Polaroid Instant Camera or even owning one, with the Polaroid Originals app, you’d be able to experiment with image collages (the tangible way, that is) and augmented reality features.

Both Polaroid Lab and Polaroid Originals app supports iPhone 6s and newer with iOS 11 and above, as well as current models of Android handsets running on Android 7 or higher.

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Polaroid Lab instant photo printer is set to drop in October for $129.99.

All images courtesy of Polaroid.