Webcam shouldn’t be exorbitantly priced. But if you are a person who earn a living from streaming, I guess you will want the best. While we cannot say if the newest Razer Kiyo webcam, the Razer Kiyo Pro webcam, is the best, it certainly has a price tag that only those who earn their keeps from streaming wouldn’t mind paying.

Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam with Adaptive Light Sensor

You are looking US$199.99, which to say that it is exorbitant is an understatement as far as webcam goes. Then again, Razer isn’t calling it a webcam, which can sound too cheap. It is referring it to as “USB camera.”

For about US$200, you will get a very sleek USB camera with Adaptive Light Sensor that promised to deliver “market-leading image fidelity, even in low-light conditions.”

Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam with Adaptive Light Sensor

Features include ultra-sensitive 2.1 MP CMOS sensor with STARVIS technology (no relation to Tony Stark and J.A.R.V.I.S.), USB 3.0 connectivity with up to 5 GB/s signal, autofocus, L-shape joint and tripod mounting options, 103-, 90- and 80-degree diagonal Field of View (FoV), built-in omni-directional stereo microphone, a 1.5-meter long braided cable, and it comes with a separate privacy cover to protect the lens and assure user privacy when not in use.

The new Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam can capture still at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and boasts video resolution of up to 1080p 60fps. The Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam can be had for the aforementioned US$199.99 from

All images courtesy of Razer.

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