A proper turntable setup requires at least a vinyl record player, an amplifier and a set of speakers. But what if you don’t have a space for those? Well then, the HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable could be the answer. It is a brilliant all-in-one solution that will also have your streaming audio covered because, it is also a Bluetooth speaker too.

HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable

What makes this turntable so charming is, it smashes the norm of turntable design. There is no chassis to talk about. The aluminum platter sits direct on the white oak wood speaker box, well, kind of. There is a patented “Tri-Point” suspension system that holds the platter and the tonearm steady while absorbing the inevitable vibrations from the drivers.

HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable

The turntable is capable of spinning both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl records and puts out the sound, aided by a built-in amplifier, through a pair of 15 watt 1-inch silk tweeter and two 25 watt 4-inch Kevlar woofer. All told, the HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable puts out 80 watt of audio bliss and does so “without crackles and pops.”

The unit is mounted with a replaceable Audio Technica AT3600 Hi-Fi MM phono cartridge and further touts a RCA line-out and auxiliary 3.5 mm audio input to accommodate non-Bluetooth devices.

HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable

We have seen quite a number of turntables, but we have to say this gotta be one of the most stylish all-in-one unit. Absolutely gorgeous.

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The HYM Seed Turntable was a successfully funded Kickstarter back in 2017 and it can be had for US$679 on Amazon.com.

HYM Seed Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable

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