Robot vacuum that vacuum, mops, and self-empties is not the newest news. Now, there is a new robot vacuum that does both vacuuming and mopping, and self-cleans the mops, and it is called Narwal T10. When we first featured Narwal T10, it wasn’t available in stateside. Well, the good news is, it is now available in the U.S.

Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum

There is a caveat, though. Narwal T10 does not appear to have self-emptying feature. I guess you do have to prioritize which is more of hassle: emptying dust or cleaning the mop. So, yeah, Narwal T10 is the 2-in-1 robot mop and vacuum with automatic mop cleaning station. I believe this is the first in the market to have self-cleaning mop.

T10 will return to the base station to wash its mops (yes, its plural because, it has two!) during mopping and return to pick up where it has left off. Theoretically, it is should be cleaner since the mopping pad get washed through its mopping routine.

Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum

As far as mopping function goes, T10 uses dual triangular mops that spin at 180 RPM and applies 10N pressure for ensure deep cleaning. Meanwhile, the vacuum is powered by a 1800Pa motor for efficient sucking of dust, dirt and pet hair.

Like so many robot vacuum, T10 can be controlled with a mobile app. The app allows you to schedule cleaning, monitor the cleaning in real-time, set no-go zones, access cleaning reports, and receive OTA updates.

Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum

I wouldn’t say the Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum with Automatic Mop Cleaning Station is the perfect robot vacuum. It is, however, perfect if you are turned off by the idea of buttering your floor with dirty mops. If you know what I mean.

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But such advancement in robotic floor cleaning, which is now just available in stateside, comes at a hefty price. This little guy will run you back at a bank account-busting US$1,199. Yikes. I guess I am relegated to vacuuming and mopping the floor manually.

Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum
Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum

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All images courtesy of Narwal Robotics.

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