I don’t count myself as a Ghostbusters super fan, but if there’s a pair of kicks that has Proton Pack on it, well then sign me up! A proton pack is exactly what one of the two pairs of Ghostbusters x Reebok sneakers is rocking.

Ghostbusters x Reebok Ghostsmasher

The Ghostbusters x Reebok Ghostsmasher, as it is known, is a new silhouette created for this collaboration. Reebok did not say what inspired the Ghostsmasher, but I do get the Ecto-1 vibe here with the weathered white colorway accented by a red strip that crosses from side to the other, and of course, the faux OG Pump proton pack on the heel.

The OG Pump is removable, if for some reason you feel like setting it aside. But why would anyone do that??? We totally dig the “hoses” that emerged from the sides of the shoes to the lime green/gray “proton pack”.

Ghostbusters x Reebok Sneakers

Other details of the Ghostsmasher includes graffiti style NO GHOST logo against a black tongue that looks like wall of a building an d the intentional canceling out of the Reebok logo with caution tape sides. Lovely.

The other pair, known as the Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes, draws its inspiration from the iconic jumpsuits seen in the 80s movie. If jumpsuit color isn’t enough of a hint, then the NO GHOST logo on the tongue as well as the caution tape design on the rear of the rubber outsole should spell Ghostbusters loud and clear.

Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes

The kicks further features the texts “Ready To Believe You”, spread across the heel of each shoe while the insole gets the ghostly writing that says “Don’t Cross The Streams”. Finally, rounding out up the design is my personal favorite: a patch of lime green on the outsole that makes it look like you have stepped on Slimer at some point.

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Ghostbusters x Reebok Sneakers will drop on October 31 with the Ghostbusters x Reebok Ghostsmasher having a retail price of US$150 and the Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes will sell for US$100.

Images: Reebok.

Source: Sneaker News.

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