Here Are Some Of The Vehicles Yamaha Will Be Bringing To Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Yamaha Motor is bringing a lot more than an unmanned autonomous vehicle to the 46th Tokyo Motor Show this year. All told, the Japanese motorcycle maker will be bringing 17 other models. Of the 17, 6 are world premiere models while 2 are Japan premiere models.

Land Link Concept Looks Like A Mars Rover, Is Yamaha’s Answer To Autonomous Vehicle

Before anyone jump on me, the Yamaha Land Link Concept is clearly not a Mars rover. I am just saying it looked like. Land Link Concept is in fact Yamaha’s answer to self-driving vehicle.

Yamaha Introduces New Electric Drive Outboard Motors, Including A New Saltwater Model

Try hunting for ducks in a swampy locale on a boat and you will find yourself paddling much of the way for fear of making too much of your presence known. But you really don’t have to – if you slap on the new electric drive range of outboard motors from Yamaha to your watercraft.

Yamaha Is Inviting YZF-R1M Owners To Race At Silverstone Circuit

Calling out to all motorcycle enthusiasts in Europe. If you own a Yamaha YZF-R1M, Yamaha is inviting you to attend this year’s Yamaha Racing Experience at the Silverstone Circuit in UK on May 13 and 14, 2019 – FREE OF CHARGE. Well, at least the booking for a place is free. You will obviously need […]

Yamaha’s Theme Of “Resonate the Future” Is Really, Really Futuristic

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha had a theme called “Yamaha Future Garage: Resonate the Future” and what the motorcycle maker brought to floor was indeed futuristic. In addition to the NIKEN Leaning Multi-wheeler previewed in late October, the show floor was occupied by dazzling examples, including a sports bike that will totally look […]

Yamaha’s New NIKEN Leaning Multi-Wheeler Is A Corner-loving Bike

If you love the exhilaration brought about by motorcycle but somehow felt insecure because of it being a two-wheelers, then perhaps a three-wheeler bike will be right up your alley. If so, Yamaha may just have the ride for you. Called Yamaha NIKEN Leaning Multi-wheeler (LMW), it features a liquid-cooled 4-stroke, fuel injected inline 3-cylinder […]

Yamaha’s New Sport Vehicle Seats Four In A Very Compact Form

Yamaha Motor has just announced the company will introduced a spanking new recreational off-road vehicle model for 2018, a 4-seat SxS designated 2018 Yamaha ‘Side-by-Side’ Wolverine X4. It promise to bring “new levels of capability, comfort and confidence to the leisure and light utility markets.” Aesthetically, it is pretty much the cool sport vehicle we […]

Samsung Smart Windshield Is The Head-up Display For Motorcycle

When it comes to minimizing distraction during driving to improve safety, cars have received much love with developments like head-up display and advanced collision warning system. Unfortunately, this area is largely ignored in motorcycle. While there are efforts my helmet makers to incorporate head-up display on helmet, they are accessories which will not be a […]

Yamaha Motor Developed a Humanoid That Rides a Super Bike

Have you ever had nightmare of robot on motorcycle chasing after you? Well, not to worry, this humanoid won’t do such nasty stuff, at least not until Google changes its name to Skynet. What you see here is Motobot Ver. 1, or otherwise known in its more lengthy form as the Autonomous Motorcycle-riding Humanoid Robot […]

2008 Yamaha Scorpio Proves That Boxy Motorcycle Can Look Fabulous Too

I felt uneasy for a whole week because I knew I saw something ‘newsworthy’ last week but just couldn’t recall what was it until today. It was this super awesome 2008 Yamaha Scorpio by Jakarta custom bike builder Thrive Motorcycles. I think we don’t need to say a lot; one look, you know this ain’t […]