Yamaha Motor Electric Crate Motor

California-based Electric GT is offering electric crate motor for anyone who wants to do an electric conversion, or more correctly, electric engine swap. Soon, a big name will also join this still young market.

This big name is Yamaha Motor. Yamaha Motor is looking to offer electric crate motor too – but it is not what you think. It is true that Yamaha Motor has recently revealed that will be offering Yamaha designed and built electric crate motor. However, this compact electric drive may not be something you and I can buy.

Unlike Electric GT’s, Yamaha Motor so-called high-performance electric motor does not mimic the look of a traditional ICE and as such, the conversion is most likely for DIYers. Yamaha Motor has its sight set on automakers who do not have the means of developing its own electric drivetrain from the ground up.

Yamaha Motor Electric Crate Motor

Yamaha Motor Electric Crate Motor is a compact unit built using a “high-efficiency segment conductor and advanced casting and processing technologies” and its electric motor has the capacity to generate anything from 35 kW to 200 kWs.

This electric motor is not something automakers pick up from the shopping aisle, though. It will be customized to meet the automakers’ need. And oh, Yamaha said its electric motor can be adapted for motorcycles too.

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Details are still lacking though, but it is for sure that Yamaha is in the game of EV. Just not the way we thought it would be.

Images: YouTube (Yamaha Motor Global).

Source: The Drive.