CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV

If you have been living under the rock, you probably wouldn’t have know that CUPRA is a standalone brand from SEAT since 2018. Now that you know, you may be interested in this potential new ride from the performance-orientated marque, the CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV.

CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV is a large-size SUV “coupe” that, like so many automakers, an attempt to marry SUV with a sports coupe. CUPRA Tavascan Concept wouldn’t be the first and I guess another one would not make it a crowd.

CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV

CUPRA Tavascan Concept is designed with not one, but two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle, which combines to produce a healthy 301 HP. The power is put to good use on all four wheels and afford the CUPRA Tavascan Concept to rocket from naught to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 6.5 seconds.

Nothing mind-blowing, really, but damn, those lines there are quite an eye-candy. So much so that I can’t help to wonder how much of those will be in the final production model – if it ever gets green lit.

CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV

Not surprisingly, this being part of Volkswagen Group, the CUPRA Tavascan Concept is designed around VW Group’s MEB platform which features a 77 kWh battery system that would afford an all-electric range of up to 450 kilometers (about 280 miles).

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CUPRA Tavascan Concept SUV EV will be making its world premiere at the upcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. Meanwhile you can learn more about this ride HERE.

All images courtesy of CUPRA/Volkswagen Group.