You probably hasn’t touch a notebook since the invention of smartphone and you probably miss the good’ol feel of a traditional notebooks like those from Moleskine. If so, here’s a quick fix that strikes a balance between your longings and modern day wants: the Moleskine Smartphone Cover for iPhone 6, well, that’s assuming you are using the Apple’s new and ridiculously thin 4.7″ smartphone, and also, you don’t mind bulking up it a little. Then again, the iPhone 6 sure can afford a little thickening, especially when done elegantly. Not only did Moleskine adapted its iconic little black rectangle to fit your shiny new iPhone 6, but the cover also offers a place for a Moleskine XS Volant journal, thereby adding a little analog flair into your otherwise digitized world. Lets face it, we do need to pen in real ink sometimes and this is the iPhone cover that lets you do it in style.

Moleskine Smartphone Cover for iPhone 6

The Moleskine Smartphone Cover is a cover and its core duty is to protect your precious one from the daily knocks and bumps, and it does so by providing a padded suede lining and inner rubberized shell that offers unhindered access to all ports, buttons speakers and cameras. Final touches include a slot to accommodate stashes like credit cards, notes and metro tickets, and an elastic band to hold the cover firmly shut – just like a real notebook. If turning your iPhone 6 into a notebook lookalike takes your fancy, then head on down to Moleskine web shop and pick one up for $36.95. Btw, Moleskine XS Volant is not included and the cover is only available for iPhone 6, not 6 Plus. Just thought you should know…

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Moleskine Smartphone Cover for iPhone 6

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