Razer may not be on the desktop gaming rig bandwagon, yet, but for fans, there is always the official Razer-themed build-to-order desktop PCs to turn to. Speaking of which, CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer desktop computer is the latest to join the growing line of “Designed by Razer” PC cases. Based on CyberPowerPC’s P400 ATX case, this Razer-touched incarnation features a matte black finish, a tinted tempered glass side panel, and of course, the mark of Razer, the trademarked three-headed snake logo backlit on the front panel.

CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer Desktop Computer

Thanks to the transparent element, it lends the rig a mysterious and dark vibe and at the same time, a show of force. But ‘show of force’ or not depends largely on how you choose to config the machine. Having said that, buyers will be able to customize with a range of hardware, ranging from water-cooling to memory size to specific motherboards and graphics, to fit their ideal specifications. In short, with CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer desktop computer, buyers will be getting a dream rig with the aesthetic to boot.

Additionally, this being a touched-by-Razer system, visual spectacle will be a standard issue. So, yeah, expect the CyberPowerPC to be lit with colors and a variety of effect enabled through Razer Synapse 3 (beta). CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer desktop computer will be hand-assembled by experts over at CyberPowerPC and it will be available for customization and purchase exclusively on CyberPowerPC website, as well as at select retailers in Stateside starting October 2017. On the pricing-aspect, it will depend on your choice configurations.

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Images: Razer.

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