Some robot vacuums have claimed to be powered by AI, but the Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the first in the world’s to be powered by a big name in artificial intelligence, Intel.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The rather unusually shaped robot vacuum uses LiDAR as well as 3D sensor to measure distance, track location, and differentiate between objects such as a toy and the leg of a chair.

It can even detect small objects on the floor and avoid them. Moreover, it is able to recognize a room’s shape to enable it to better maneuver around it. The sensors, together with an object recognition algorithm, allows it to identify virtually any object and mapped out the safest and most efficient route.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

An advanced digital inverter motor affords 30W of suction power to pick not only dust from the floor, but also in the air. The self-cleaning brush has fibers made of soft woven textiles and capable of picking up dust from hard floor and reaches into crevices.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ further features automatic dust emptying. When it is done cleaner, it will automatically return to the Clean Station and empties the dirt and dust into a bag that only need replacing once every 2-3 months.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to letting you use a companion app to schedule cleaning, set no-go zones, you can also connect to its camera and use JetBot 90 AI+ to keep an eye on your home and pets remotely.

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Samsung recently debuted the JetBot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum at the virtual CES. It is not clear when it will be available in the market and how much it will sell for when it eventually becomes available.

Image credit: Samsung.

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