The Briefcase Fireplace by Colin Fuze

Feeling the chill of the winter already? No, you can’t be serious, right? But in case you are serious, well then, don’t let the cold from stopping you from going places because, our favorite madcap garage inventor, Colin Furze, may just have the solution you have been seeking: The Briefcase Fireplace. Yup. That sounds just about what everyone needs and the craziest, but no less brilliant original creation from Furze yet. You know what? It might just make a good addition to your already hot-like-hell jackets. This portable fireplace was created based on an idea suggested by one of his fans on one of his video, but you know this man is not going stop at portable fireplace.

The butane-fueled fireplace comes complete with a flask for any Englishman’s favorite beverage, tea, a placeholder for biscuit and it even has a hook right above the fireplace, so you can make yourself a toasty toast. Yes, really. This is insane and we are totally digging it. There is still a bit of time before the cold becomes terribly unbearable, so you can cobble together one yourself and never be afraid to go anywhere, anymore. Well, that’s provided that the places you want to go does not involve taking an airplane. That would be a problem. Video follows after the break.

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P.S. It must be running really hot because, as we can see, Colin uses fake hand to retrieve the flask and the biscuit. So, yeah. Really, don’t try this at home.

Image: Colin Furze.

via The Awesomer.