You have already heard how VR can enable designers from the around to world to corroborate. But that was for design where regular VR controllers are suffice. For applications such as training, however, the ability to feel what a user have touched in the Virtual Reality world will greatly boost the realism. Enter SenseGlove Nova from SenseGlove.

SenseGlove Nova VR Glove CES 2021

SenseGlove Nova is VR glove featuring patented force feedback technology that introduced up to 20 newton of force on each finger and thereby making digital objects feel real. And it is not just to feel one has picked up something in the digital world.

The glove, which is designed based on human tendon muscle system, also features an advanced voice coil actuator technology that allows it to render the feeling of realistic button clicks and even impact simulations. This means VR training that involves handling of tools and using dashboards will have enhanced realism.

One of the applications I imagine would be port captain or helmsman training. It can also be used for training of handling hazardous materials and vehicle assembling et cetera.

The Dutch startup debuted the SenseGlove Nova haptic feedback glove at the recent all-digital CES 2021. According to the company’s website, SenseGlove Nova ready for commercial applications. Interested companies may touch base with SenseGlove to get a quote.

SenseGlove Nova VR Glove CES 2021

Images: SenseGlove.

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