Trelawear Life Safety Pendants

Being old does not mean you should go out of fashion. That being said, a safety device like a panic button shouldn’t look like it is one. It should look like the Trelawear Life Safety Pendants. These pendants blend style and safety offered by a sophisticated emergency response technology.

As a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), Trelawear Life Safety Pendants enable those in need to trigger an SOS with a simple press of a button located on the back of each Trelawear pendant. Each Trelawear pairs wirelessly with standard medical alert systems from MobileHelp to send out distress signal.

When triggered, signal is communicated through the MobileHelp base station or mobile device to its 24/7/365 central monitoring station which will dispatch help to the user’s location.

Trelawear Life Safety Pendants are not new, though. What you see here are two new styles joining the Trelawear Pendants that are already available online.

These two new styles are available now for a limited time special price of $69.95 and $79.95 for the round-shaped model and the cushion-shaped model, respectively.

Images: MobileHelp.