Are you going to have a sci-fi-themed Halloween party? Well, if so, you will want these spooky sounds recorded in space by NASA as your soundtrack. Like, seriously. Be warned though, these sounds are really, really spooky. The level of spookiness cannot be overstated. I have listened to all the tracks in the playlist and all I can say that they sound more paranormal than space-ish. Aptly entitled Spooky Sounds from Across the Space, the playlist on Soundcloud includes 22 tracks pulled from NASA’s archive of sounds recorded in outer space by the various probes and orbiters, and therefore do not expect sweet, varying mood, orchestrated music from Contact.

Basically, expect gibberish, rubbish, random sounds that pretty much sounds like what Hollywood have been dishing out all these years in sci-fi movies. Good lord, for once, Hollywood was accurate about things. My verdict of these out-of-this-world sounds is this: don’t let your curiosity get the better of you. I did and obviously, I am spooked and borderline devastated. I think no amount of Savage Garden’s songs I listen to today will be able to erase those weird noises from space I downloaded into my head. In case you are undaunted, here’s the playlist:

Image: NASA.

via BGR.

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