Since the realization of virtual reality headset, the pursuit for even more immersion never cease. Companies and individuals each have their own take of immersion which results in VR backpack PC, realistic VR rifle, treadmill-like contraption to simulate walking, and even vest that lets you feel the shots when you are unfortunately enough to be shot at. And today, we heard a startup called Weasel Labs has yet another idea of immersion and that is to put wind in the mix. That’s right. Wind. ZephVR, as it is called, are really just a pair of 40 mm fans designed to attach to any VR headset. With ZephVR slapped on, it will synchronize with VR events and trigger wind-in-your-face experience as and when appropriate. Sorry to say this, but this is actually really quirky.

Weasel Labs Wants To Add Real Wind To VR

Anywho, the conception attaches to below the head-mounted display and picks up for wind audio in the games and activates accordingly. TBH, from what I see, ZephVR is not exactly a sleek attachment, but I will give the developers a benefit of the doubt that could be just prototype and thus, it may not look as refined. Anyways, Weasel Labs is banging on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to make ZephVR a reality. The campaign is set to goes live on November 2. Early backers will be able to bag this quirky VR accessory for $49 and if it meets its $30,000 funding goal anytime within the month-long campaign, you dream of wind-in-your-face will be a reality. Until then, you just have to hope that the Internet will be fond of this idea.

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Now that someone has dreamed of wind, what’s next to kick up the immersion level in VR? Perhaps, splashing water? Or perhaps, even smell? Or maybe not the smell. You will not want your room to smell like a sewer when your virtual self is in one.

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