axes. they have around ever since humans walked the earth and it has just one purpose: take down trees, a task which requires little or no further innovation except for making it looks better or perhaps, sharper. however, there is one axe that beats that notion and that chopper is the Gerber Gator Combo Axe. equipped with a forged steel axe head, it features a tactile rubber surface (known as the Gator grip handle) over a glass-filled nylon handle for a strong and slip-free handling. what’s more, it has a hollowed out handle that conceals a matching knife within. a magnet is used to keep the knife in place, until you are ready to utilize it. what can we say? it is probably any camper or amateur lumberjack’s dream axe. hey, at least you know you have one less thing to bring along on your next camping trip. for $45, the Gerber Gator Combo Axe could be yours.

Gerber via Gear Patrol

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