Are you a super fan of Apple who would love to own a piece of Apple’s history? If the answers is a big ‘yes’, and you have boatload of Benjamins to spare, you will want to check out the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition

The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition is departure from the maestro of luxing up phones. It does not have shiny diamonds or gold. Instead, this unique iPhone 12 Pro is a homage to the first Apple computer, the Apple 1.

The entire glass back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been replaced with a wood material resembling the original Apple 1 computer. In addition, Apple’s doodle style branding that appeared on the Apple 1 has been recreated while a glossy titanium piece with boot sequence mimics the computer’s monitor.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition

The Apple 1 look is complete by keyboard buttons that formed the word “COMPUTER”. Rounding up the Apple 1 computer-inspired design is an exclusive fragment of the circuit board from the first Apple personal computer created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Because of the rarity of this PCB, the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple 1 Edition is limited to just 9 copies.

Last checked, only the 512 GB Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple 1 Edition is still available to anyone who is willing to drop US$11,200 for it. Previously, iPhone 12 Pro was also offered, but it looks like it has been snapped up.

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Images: Caviar.

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