If our minimal quick Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition did not contain anything for the most important lady in your life, then may we introduce you to this lipstick collection from Parisian high fashion house, Hermès.

Rouge Hermès 24-color Lipstick Piano Set

The Rouge Hermès 24-color Lipstick Piano Set, as it is called, solves every lady’s woes of not getting the right color to match the right outfit or occasion.

Designed by Pierre Hardy, the Rouge Hermès 24-color Lipstick Piano Set packs 24 shades, spread across 10 matte and 14 satin finishes lipsticks.

Each 3.5g lipstick is encased inside lacquered, polished and brushed metal refillable cases.

Rouge Hermès 24-color Lipstick Piano Set

In case anyone’s curious, here are the list of matte and satin shades:

Matte Shades
• 33- Orange Boîte
• 64- Rouge Casaque
• 85- Rouge H
• 53- Rouge Orange
• 11- Beige Naturel
• 68- Rouge Bleu
• 46- Rouge Exotique
• 48- Rose Boisé
• 70- Rose Indien
• 78- Rose Velours

Satin Shades
• 33- Orange Boîte
• 64- Rouge Casaque
• 85- Rouge H
• 13- Beige Kalahari
• 16- Beige Tadelakt
• 36- Corail Flamingo
• 66- Rouge Piment
• 75- Rouge Amazone
• 18- Rose Encens
• 21- Rose Épicé
• 40- Rose Lipstick
• 42- Rose Mexique
• 59- Rose Dakar
• 50- Rose Zinzolin

The lipsticks are of refillable design. This means, you will be able to pick up the refill separately when the lipsticks run out.

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The Rouge Hermès Limited-Edition 24-color Lipstick Piano Set can be had for US$1,645 from selfridges.com.

Images: Hermès via Selfridges.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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