Christmas Gift Guide 2020 Edition

Here it is. Our curated gift ideas for anyone who are still clueless on what to buy for this Holiday season. We kind of late on this one. Then again, we haven’t been putting up an official list for a few years now. This year, we are going on the budget and gift ideas that are more on the budget side because, you know, the pandemic is kinda decimated the economy. But the spirit lives on, innit? And so, read on to check out our picks.


Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition - Lifestyle

1 – Lund London Luxe Straw – Gunmetal US$24.00
Can a reusable straw ever be luxe? Well, apparently it can with this super cool, Luxe Straw from Lund London. Comes with a matching and equally sleek carrying case.

2 – Geneinno GT-1 Waterproof Massage Gun US$149.00
The world’s first waterproof massage gun that fits into a handbag. Self-massage, anytime, anywhere – even when bathing in the tub.

3 – Jetpack Backpack US$50.00
Get this backpack decorated with a “jetpack” to tie you over until a jetpack is available to buy, or until you can actually afford one.

4 – Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bites US$28.99
Owls do not need caffeinated chocolate energy bites to keep awake, but humans who need a little help in keeping awake, be it day or night, can certainly use a little help from this snack.

5 – Earent Anti-dust Mask with Zipper for Straw US$8.66
This mask has a zipper for sipping with a straw. There’s no need to pull your mask down to the chin anymore. Brilliant.

6 – Flask In A Book US$20.00
Because, drinking whenever, wherever is frown upon and therefore, you will need your favorite alcohol beverage’s vessel to go incognito.

7 – The Seventy2 Pro H-D Survival Backpack US$123.50
Based on the Seventy2 Pro shell is the Harley-Davidson co-branded survival backpack for motorcycling enthusiasts. Hydration bladder comes as standard, so is style – like, a lot of it.

8 – Spiceology Sriracha Salt US$17.10
America’s most love hot sauce has now arrive to one of the most used cooking condiment: salt. It is a combination of Sriracha, sea salt and a hint of habanero.


Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition - Gadgets

1 – Apple HomePod mini US$99.00
It’s the HomePod, but smaller and more affordable. Expect room-filling sound, intelligent assistant, and it also lets you control your smart home.

2 – Amazon Echo Auto US$19.99
Easily add hands-free Alexa experience in your automobile with your phone. Packed with no less than 8 mics and far-field technology, allowing you to use voice to do just about anything in the car, including play music, check news and weather, make calls and more.

3 – Google Pixel 5 Smartphone From US$649
Arguably the most exciting mid-range flagship device of 2020. Beautiful, minimalistic design with pure Android experience. What more can one ask for?

4 – Wireless Cassette Speaker US$35.00
Sony won’t give as a real cassette-playing Walkman, but you can get the same nostalgic feeling with this “cassette tape” which is actually a Bluetooth speaker. Clever. Very clever.

5 – DJI Mini 2 Imaging Drone From US$449.00
DJI follow up to its first Mini is packed with 4K imaging capability and a whopping 6.2 miles transmission range. Yes, it is totally palm-size.

6 – MaskFone Face Mask with Bluetooth Earbuds US$29.99
It is a face mask with integrated Bluetooth earphones because, 2020. Enjoy music and take calls, and wearing mask without having to bring a separate earbuds. Mask is multi-layered and comes with 3 PM2.5 filters. Via.

7 – Choetech Wireless Charging Pad with QC 3.0 US$22.99
While this wireless charging pad can charge any Qi certified devices, it stands out as one that has an indent to easily align up with AirPods/AirPods Pro.

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8 – Bluetooth Beanie Hat US$20.91
Keep your head warm and cosy in the winter and enjoy music, take calls all at the same time with this Bluetooth Beanie Hat.

9 – Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Sengled Bluetooth Bulb US$28.99
Well, it is the Echo Dot. It lets you use voice to play music, check on weather and news, set alarms, and more. Plus you can use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible device.


Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition - Home & Living

1 – Marvel Spider-Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp US$59.99
Why put up with a monotonous desk lamp when you can have one with the friendly neighborhood superhero hanging on one? So, yeah, it’s a miniature street lamp with the web slinger hanging off it. Via.

2 – PELEG DESIGN Gratiator Cheese Grater US$15.89
Gladiator-turn-cooking maestro can reminiscent about his or her gladiator days with this sword-shape cheese grater. Not for combat. It will, however, decimate the cheese thoroughly. Ah… the good’ol days. Spartan!…..

3 – Gravita Magnetic Levitating Smart Lamp From US$125.00
It’s not just a magical floating bulb. It is also a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charging pad and a wired charging station with both USB-A and USB-C port. Perfect gift for those who demand style and functionality.

4 – Hand Sanitizer Christmas Tree Ornament US$12.00
Hand sanitizer ornament because, it’s 2020. Via.

5 – Mushions Personalized Face Cushions US$25.00
It’s a squishy cushion… with your or someone else’s face on it. Like, do we really need to say more? OK. It’s a little creepy, but you can’t deny it makes for a fun gag gift. Given how bad 2020 has been, this could be a much needed comic relief. Maybe?


Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition - Toys & Hobbies

1 – Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC Truck US$84.00
Realize your dream of driving the most recognizable monster truck in the monster truck history with this monster-size RC Grave Digger that measures over 2 feet long. Who says size does not matter?

2 – Megahouse Beef Puzzle US$32.00
Don’t just eat the beef. Learn the cow’s body parts by putting its innards into it with this novel puzzle game. Via.

3 – STINGER Novelty Finger Gun Sight Set US$28.99
Why settle for regular gun sight when you can have fingers to do the job? Fits Picatinny rail and Weaver. Perfect companion to the tactical testicles.

4 – USA Coloring Tablecloth US$30.00
Do your kids like to draw on the dining table? If yes, the USA Coloring Tablecloth will let them learn the U.S. geography and state birds, animals, and flowers by coloring the map of U.S.A.

5 – Sega Genesis Mini Video Game Console US$49.97
Since both next-gen consoles are sold out and Nintendo Switch is kind of too run-of-the-mill, we decided that you may like to go the retro way with this reboot, downsized version of the iconic console. Plus, it is affordable.

6 – WOW! Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak US$73.43
This collectible accurately recreate the invisibility cloak as seen in the silver screen version of Harry Potter. Watch yourself vanish… well, when view from a smartphone, that is. Note: won’t actually make you invisible.

7 – Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Card Game US$49.95
Defend the wizarding world from the evil forces with your favorite characters from the movie franchise. When you loose, you can also sneak away using the invisibility cloak listed above.

8 – Remote Control Cockroach Toy US$12.98
This will make RC car, RC plane, drone and all feel so yesterday. Perfect toy to scare the shit out those who sees cockroach as an invading alien species.

9 – Uncrate Exclusive MMX Marshmallow Crossbow US$125.00
A super handsome crossbow designed to sling sugar-based pellets up to 60 feet. Like, seriously, who needs NERF anymore?

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