It has been a while since I get excited over bowling. I never imagine when I did get excited over bowling again, it would be a LEGO MOC. The LEGO Working Bowling Alley by LEGO Ideas member LEGOParadise is that LEGO MOC that gotten me pretty pumped.

LEGO Working Bowling Alley by LEGOParadise

Working Bowling Alley is a scale LEGO model of a bowling alley, complete with functional pinsetter and ball return system. The working pinsetter lets you reset the bowling pins with a turn of a handle.

From the look of it, it has one set on the lane and one set set on pinsetter, ready to deploy. That said, it appears that you will need to manually set the pin on the setter. It is brilliant nevertheless.

LEGO Working Bowling Alley by LEGOParadise

I am most impressed with the ball return system. This system include an automatic separator that separates the bowling ball from the pins. The ball is then sent to a ball return mechanism “below ground” while the pins fall into a collection tray, ready to be reset.

Another mechanism, activated from the front of the set, lets you flip the ball back up top. The entire system runs like a clockwork and it is crazy cool!

The whole built, which measures 43 x 19 studs, is complete with a scoreboard, seats, snack stand, bowling ball storage shelf, gutters and all.

The LEGO Working Bowling Alley is a very impressive interactive LEGO MOC that we hope will become an official LEGO set.

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If you are on the same page as me, you may want to consider dropping your one precious vote to help it get to the next milestone.

Images: LEGO Ideas (LEGOParadise).

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