The Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 hype train is coming on strong in Japan. Following a bunch of collaborations, including Evangelion UCC canned milk coffee, turning a resort town into Tokyo-3, Bluetooth controller Evangelion mobile game, and more, is a collaboration with Japanese ladies’ street wear brand, X-girl.

X-girl x Evangelion Apparels for Ladies

The collection in this collaboration includes TEE5 model t-shirts, collared open shirts, as well as PVC-made sacoche, featuring collage prints, title characters, as well as scenes from the cult anime series/movies.

The X-girl x Evangelion TEED5 t-shirts will arrive on March 27, while the sacoche and collared open shirts are slated to land in mid-April.

The tees cost 6,050 Yen (roughly US$55), tax included, a piece, while the collared shirts will sell for 12,100 Yen (about US$109), tax included, each. There’s no mention or preview of the sacoche, though. Or did we misinterpreted the message? Anywho, you can have a sneak peek at the collection over at

Images: Evangelion/X-girl.

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