Skateboard deck that’s so beautiful that you won’t want to use it

WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck img1 544px
(image credit: WeFunk) WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck | US$860.00 |

the limited WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck which looks suspiciously like a surfboard, is hand-built by industrial design and F1 composite technician Alex Luxat. accordingly to WeFunk, the roadster series skateboard deck embodies technologies and materials used in a Formula One race car.
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so will this thing go faster? a set of good trucks and speed wheels may make a board go faster but definitely not a F1-tech board. however, aesthetically speaking, this deck is awesome looking. so much so that no skateboarder in the right mind would not want to do a board grind with it for fear of destroying its beauty and not to mention, shaving off dollars off the $860 price tag.

it deserve a place on our granite stone wall (if we ever have a granite wall), not the skatepark or the streets. it shouldn’t even have trucks and wheels mounted on them. how else would you show off its 0.5mm Zebrawood veneer inlay which is signed, dated and numbered with pencil and coated with wet-sanded, clear-painted and polished to mirror finish, UV reflecting “surfclear” epoxy? well, you know, skateboarding could be a luxurious sport too.

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EDIT: sorry folks. just corrected the WeFunk link which was linked wrongly. thanks to Alex for pointing it out. cheers!

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