LEGO Luke’s Hand Ultimate Collector Series

Coming from the talented LEGO builder behind the Freddie Mercury’s sculpture and Leia The Huttslayer is this imaginary LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Luke’s Hand.

That’s right, folks. It is Luke Skywalker’s hand amputated by his father, Darth Vader, presented in LEGO.

LEGO Luke’s Hand Ultimate Collector Series

Appropriately called “Luke’s Hand After It Was Cut Off By Darth Vader Who Is Also Luke’s Dad” (totally roll off the tongue!), this is about as close as you will get to having an actual LEGO set of it (which will never happen).

I cannot imagine LEGO would go about producing a severed hand, Luke or not. The imaginary set comes with a buildable Luke’s hand and of course, his trusty blue lightsaber which the severed hand was holding.

Interestingly, Iain put in a piece count of 1981 – the year which Empire Strikes Back was re-released – and not 1980.

Image: Flickr (Ochre Jelly).