If you are old enough, you may remember times where you had to scribble reminders or phone numbers on the palm of your hand or anywhere on your hand and arm. Though that was when smartphone wasn’t invented yet, it proved to be an effective reminder as it never goes to sleep and since it is written on your palm or back of your hand, you will always be reminded without even have to set reminder. I suppose that was the premise when a bunch of folks came together to come up with an organizer watch called “Watch To-Do Organizer.”

Watch To-Do Organizer

Actually, it is not quite a watch per se, but does on around your wrist and with its black ‘watch face’, it does look much like a smartwatch. Of course, it isn’t. In fact, it is a mobile chalkboard of sort that lets you scribble whatever, whenever using the supplied liquid chalk marker. It comes with a leather eraser, so you can wipe out completed tasks and add new to-do reminders. Ok, maybe it is a too little tiny for long list of tasks, but it should be good enough for quick reminders, such as pick up milk on the way home and such, or perhaps, your dream girl’s phone number and email. And when you have nothing to remind yourself of, you can actually doodle on it and turn this piece of wrist worn organizer into a personalized fashion piece.

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Watch To-Do Organizer

The only trade off is, you will need to bring along the liquid chalk market and eraser with you, always. Regardless, we kind of adore the idea and we think it looks pretty cool too – thanks to the combination of natural wood and leather strap. To-Do Watch’s case is crafted from recycled wood in a choice of sandal wood, walnut, or maple and the team behind it is committed to donating part of the proceeds to planting new greenery. Wait, there’s another catch here. it’s not a reality yet, but you can make sure it make it is a real product by backing it up on Kickstarter, where for $39 or more, you can secure yourself one if the campaign gets funded.

Watch To-Do Organizer

Watch To-Do Organizer

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