Forget about insulated mugs and bowls, or even thermos. If you expect to sip on beverage at your desire precise temperature, regardless of how long the drink have been in a cup, then iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl is the answer.

Whichever you get, you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverage and food with personalized temperature. A touch interface gives you control over the temperature in the most intuitive manner possible.

iTemp Temperature-controlled Smart Mug and Bowl

With iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl, you get to choose if you want to heat up, cool down, or maintain the temperature of the content – thanks to the accompanying saucer where all the magic happens. Well, most of the magic.

It has Bluetooth connectivity to talk to your app and the mug/bowl goes beyond temperature control; it also lets you set timer and even detect the weight to calculate the volume of fluid.

iTemp Temperature-controlled Smart Mug and Bowl

But why would anyone need the volume? Well, because, using the dedicate app, iTemp will keep track of your hydration too and yes, it is app-enabled. Such is how far into the future we are in. Still no toaster knife, but hey, we will take it.

You can learn more about the iTemp, temperature-controlled smart mug and bowl, on Kickstarter. And if you are so, perhaps even considering pre-ordering it by backing the campaign.

However, such high-tech wizardry does not come cheap. The iTemp Mug Set will run you back at $89 or more while the iTemp Bowl Set costs $91 or more.

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All images courtesy of BlueBeard Studio.

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  1. Hi – Just got my iTemp mug and bowl set unpacked and set-up yesterday, but I have a question about the app. I have an iPhoneXR. I tried to download the app from the Apple App store, but it would not link to the base. Please tell me there will be an updated app arriving in the Apple App store soon. I do NOT like/nor trust Google and do NOT want to download an app from Google to my phone. Is the base useable without using an app. It did not seem to be this am when I tried to have it keep my coffee warm. Thank you.

  2. Let me correct one of my above remarks. I finally got my QR reader to quit trying to link to Google, so that’s no longer a problem. HOWEVER, I have downloaded the app from Apple 3 times now and it *WILL NOT* link to the the base, which makes the whole thing pretty useless as I can find no manual way to set the temp on the base.
    Little help, please?!? Thank you.

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