If massage chairs have never pique your interest because of the (boring) stereotype designs, then perhaps Bodyfriend may be able to change your mind. Not only has Bodyfriend shake up the traditional market of massage with its innovative designs, but its bold ambitious to capture the two of the world’s biggest markets, the U.S.A. and China, has lead to the collaboration with one of the most recognizable brand: Marvel. Bodyfriend. The Bodyfriend Marvel HUG CHAIR is the first-ever special collaboration with Marvel and it features a design unlike no other massage chairs. Well, that, of course, is besides from the obvious Captain America and Iron Man touches (apparently, Spider-Man will soon join the ranks too), which are all digging over here.

Bodyfriend Marvel and Lamborghini Massage Chairs

Anyways, at the first glance, the HUG CHAIR loosely resembles Arne Jacobsen’s iconic The Egg. However, it is more than a massage chair that cleverly blends seamlessly into your modern home decor; it aims to please your body by rolling and kneading your tired and sore back as you cocoon yourself in it. But, obviously, not everyone’s into Marvel superheroes and that’s probably why Bodyfriend has announced on Friday, that it has signed a four-year partnership deal with Automobili Lamborghini to enable the massage chair maker to bring together the health benefits of massage chairs with the powerful and luxurious spirit and design of the raging bull marque.

Bodyfriend Marvel and Lamborghini Massage Chairs

And no, Bodyfriend is probably not making massage chairs for the supercar. Instead, it will be turning out Lamborghini-inspired massage chairs for your home. Here are some words from CEO of Bodyfriend, Park Sang-Hyun, on the collaboration:

“This collaboration with Lamborghini is a new opportunity for both companies. We are very proud to be associated with our new partners in Italy… Collaborating with the team known for creating some of the most iconic designs in the car industry will help us expand the global market and change the perspective of Americans about massage chairs. Great innovation is born where design and functionality work hand in hand without compromise. This is what Lamborghini is for us, and this is what we will implement in our future supercar-inspired massage chair products.”

Bodyfriend Marvel and Lamborghini Massage Chairs

The new product from this new collaboration with the Italian automaker is expect to hit the market in the second quarter of 2018. As for the Marvel’s HUG CHAIR, it is available in stores where you can learn of the pricing, but we heard Bodyfriend is taking 500 bucks off the Marvel HUG CHAIRS for this month and they are of very limited quantities. So, if want good discount, then you’d better act real fast. Don’t say we did not let you on this awesome deal.

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Image: Bodyfriend.

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