You enjoy outfitting yourself with military-grade gear, but have you ever thought about doing the same for your favorite canine friend? No? Well, the Navy SEAL K9 Patrol Lead (Leash) and Quick Harness from T3 Gear gives you a reason to do so. Because, why the hell not? Not only are they super cool, but the leash, in particular, is strong as hell. Central to the design of the K9 Patrol Led is a Frog Clamp rated to, wait for this… 26-freaking-kN! Man, that’s like nearly 6,000 pounds of force which theoretically, should allow it to pull a car right out of ditch.

Navy SEAL K9 Patrol Lead (Leash)

While strong, this military-use, all metal clamp is also easy to release even under high tension, so you will never need fido to stand down to cut some slack in order to let it have its way. If you walk a dog with leash, you will appreciate the importance of this nifty feature. Additional details include loop handle, added bungee to create a self-correcting that is low impact to animal, reverse stitching, T3 MIL-SPEC bar tacking, and a design that is meant to be abused. Yes, really.

Navy SEAL K9 Quick Harness

In case, collar ain’t your dog’s cuppa, there’s also solid harness to go with the Lead. The Navy SEAL Quick Harness features metal buckles all round, Cobra buckle for quick one-snap securing, an integrated reinforced handle for lifting fido up, 1000 weight Cordura construction (in a choice of color including camo), and adjustable straps and buckle that are use on Personnel Retention Lanyards and Riggers Belts used by Special Operations in airborne and waterborne platforms.

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Navy SEAL K9 Patrol Lead (Leash) and Quick Harness is available from T3 Gear, priced at $99.06 and $132.99, respectively. Go check them out.

Images courtesy of T3 Gear.

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